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The ceiling of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


Hello world!

When I'm not building things for the internet, I take photos of stuff.

I am neither the founding father of the British school of art, nor am I the young, gay playwright with cerebral palsy.

Latest articles

Computer monitor display HTML code

Semantic HTML

Semantic HTML is the process of using HTML5 tags to reinforce the meaning of the information contained within a webpage or application.
A leet hacker bypasses security. Probably.

WordPress forgotten password localhost hack

Forgotten the password to your local CMS? Can't email a password reset? Here's my tried-and-tested solution.
Thrash metal band Overkill performing live at Party.San Open Metal 2017

Your codez is overkill

We all love writing code - that's why we're doing this - but sometimes we can seriously over-engineer things.
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